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Costa Rica and belize boast magnificent beaches, rain forests, boutique hotels wildlife, and water sports food landscapes governments, along with weather and appeal to tourists. However, together with most of the similarities come several gaps which may break or make your own final decision which flight. Check our thoughts out and choose if Belize or Costa Rica is really just a holiday location for you personally.

Getting Safety and There

Belize is a little country that shares its boundaries to the north and Guatemala coast. The shore (Belize will be the only Central American country with out a Pacific shore ) matches the Caribbean Sea and you’ll find numerous small uninhabited and inhabited cays from the coast which can be accessible by boat or plane. It’s simply a trip out of Miami to Belize City So far as access. Plus Southwest, Delta, and United provide direct flights into Belize City out of the United States of America. But, there is little for tourists to do or see not forgetting the metropolis is reckless during the night — thus nearly all of these instantly can get to a boat, in a vehicle, or even onto a bigger plane and visit Placencia, Caye Caulker, Ambergris Caye, or even Cayo District. Tourists can remain without a visa, but are needed to demonstrate proof of death. There exists a inexpensive and secure bus system for making your way round, but people rely upon cars or shuttle support. Belize gained its independence from the United Kingdom also English is the standard language. Expect a few Mayan and Spanish dialects in villages west and from the north.

Costa Rica can be by the USA. Air fare is very likely to be much more economical than what you will discover for Belize, although it to San Jose. Significant carriers such as American, United, and Delta offer direct flights, and now there are deals. Sandwiched between Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica is the bigger than Belize, together with Panama to Nicaragua west and the south to the north west east. A visa isn’t mandatory, however a passport and evidence departure have to be compulsory. San Jose isn’t a city for tourists, also Down Town has higher crime rates compared to somewhere else in the nation. There are a number of hotels and tourists are made to spend the evening there before or after a trip. There is a inexpensive and considerable bus system for navigating round the nation, however it’s fairly quite slow. Rental cars can be bought, however insurance is more pricey plus some mountain and coastal towns take a four wheeldrive car or truck.

It’s worth that both states are still all not safe. Nevertheless, that the U.S. State Department has announced Costa Rica like a Flat 1 country, the cheapest possible level for security and protection hazard. Belize has been rated a Degree two, so travellers should know of security risks and safety — likely. As a benchmark test, observe that France and the uk are ranked at Level 2.

To sum it up: Belize is simpler for into and its size makes travel round in the united kingdom pretty simple, but flights out of the U.S. cost longer. Costa Rica has flights, but becoming round the country that is bigger takes time and preparation.

Beaches and Water-sports

Belize is working together with the Caribbean Sea, as mentioned previously. However, what exactly the tiny country lacks in sand (that you will mostly see in Placencia), it constitutes with comfortable accessibility a number of scenic off shore cays together with some 190-mile-long area of this 560-mile Meso american Barrier Reef. Belize is among the safest regions and sailors congregate from reef sharks at the Hole. Whale sharks can be seen from March. Snorkelers can just get daytime or daytime trips to find turtles, sting rays, and schools of fish — afterward have a barbecue. About Caye Caulker, there exists a sand bar known as the split up where visitors and sailors reserve paddle-boards, swim in clean water, and also sip on Panty Rippers at Sun Set (coconut rum and lemon juice).

Costa Rica can be just a global leader on tourism and also prides itself to the maintenance of its delightful beaches that are memorably. The Caribbean and Pacific’s surf provides a number of their finest surfing conditions in the Western Hemisphere for experts and novices. Surfboards are as prevalent a shore town in the Nicoya Peninsula. Based upon time of season and weather, the more water is too rough for swimming pool. Alternatively, Manuel Antonio offers subtropical beaches which are safe for the your own families and beaches. All beaches in Costa Rica are offered to people (though some are partially private as a result of architecture and geography ). You find vendors selling t-shirts, coconuts, and empanadas on the sand however it isn’t competitive, such as in Cancun.

If you are all about snorkeling and diving, Belize can be the nation.

Some experts believe Belize has been the core of early Mayan culture (with as much as 400,000 Mayans, in comparison to the current Belizean population of roughly 367,000 people). Remnants of this empire are accessible around the nation today. Temples and ruins of varying amounts of structure are all sprinkled by the cays into Guatemala’s boundary. Away from the Highway, Xunantunich can be found by ferry In 133 feet tall. Belize offers pleased Garifuna and Mestizo inhabitants. Belize was allowed autonomy from the British crown at the 1980s but retains a feeling of sequence and civility.

There were living in the region, After the Spanish came. Costa Rica’s civilization is affected with geography and its own eco systems than it’s by its own individuals. Ticos are frequently dubbed”the most joyful people on the planet” and the government does a superb job in protecting the country’s pure splendor and creatures. Development isn’t enabled which means you wont uncover restaurants that were busy and hotels on sunlight, or possibly much pollution or clutter. Additionally, it is regarded as an nation, also has never had a federal army as 1948.

Costa Rica provides a delighted and calm people that cares about the ecosystem.

Drinks and food

Brace yourself there aren’t any series restaurants everywhere in Belize — perhaps maybe not a McDonald’s. Starbucks coffee is served by A coffee shop with suspiciously awnings, however it’s not a franchise. Nevertheless, Belize has an unbelievable opportunity. All these are utilised to flavor the afternoon of legumes, legumes, rice, and fry jacks. Seafood dishes such as ceviche, conch, and lobster are very popular, particularly. For drinks rum is blended with juice plus Be likin may be your beer.

Though those are present in San Jose, costa Rica contains all the American chain restaurants you might expect. As a result of yogis and surfers’ hordes that have come here regularly as well as ex pats, there is also plenty of cuisine to be found nearby the shores, particularly in Costa Rica. Vegan alternatives, smoothies, green juice racks, and fruit are typical.

To sum it Belize does not provide you American restaurants, however it can possess interesting and fresh Caribbean- along with coastal-inspired cuisine. Fare is focused on by costa Rica, and it’s really no problem to locate cheap and tasty food.


Like everyone else may not locate the designs at Belize, you will not find all inclusives or series hotels either. And we presume all of the boutique hotels are a fantastic thing, however it will drive up prices. Funding hotels could be somewhat pricey, together using a few properties. Pedro’s Resort is a party hostel at San Pedro with a number of the best rates and also best pizza. Francis Ford Coppola Turtle Inn is a popular for honeymooners from Placencia, as a result of the stretch of Thai spa along with sand.

Costa Rica, san Jose, features an array of string and airport hotels catering to both people in transit, locals, and business travelers. But as soon as you move a way from the town, the hotel stock of the country provides from tent cottages that are cheap with also an Arnold Palmer-designed course along with 2 shores that the Four Seasons Resort at Peninsula Papagayo at Ylangy-lang Beach Resort. Hotels on the shore focus on collections of host and yogis health retreats.

To sum it up: Both states provide hotel choices which vary between bare-bones to ultra-chic, however, Costa Rica has more economical rates and much more American chains.

Wherever you go, if Belize or Costa Rica, look sustainably and beautifully using a swimsuit out of Reformation for the trip.